About the Ebodhi Team

The focus of Bradley’s 12-year massage career has been training in many different styles of massage so could he could blend the knowledge from experts from around the world, creating truly unique treatment experiences. He has learned from many great teachers in countries such as Thailand, India, Belgium and the UK, while also holding a degree in Biomedical science from University College London. He has learned from many of the most famous teachers in Asia and helps to bring these skills to the West, where he also integrates the knowledge of physiotherapists.

Outside of massage, Bradley is also a talented video producer and film-maker. He practises daily Vipassana meditation, and attends regular 10-day meditation retreats.

He has recently created a nutritional supplement specifically designed for vegans and, known for his remarkable kindness and generosity, he has also donated one of his kidneys.

Pete started learning massage when he met Bradley ten years ago, when they were both studying at University College London. Before embarking on the Ebodhi project, he was working as a full-time copywriter for a global company. Pete decided to quit the advertising industry, and focus on fusion massage therapies instead, with an emphasis on Thai massage and Zen Shiatsu.

Outside of massage, Pete is an expert in multi-disciplinary communications: he performs stand-up comedy, has developed critically-acclaimed styles of visual storytelling, and owns a film studio in Bristol, UK. Parody and feminism have evolved into the two major themes of his creative work.

Pete has practised mantra-based meditation on a daily basis for eight years and now also teaches meditation technique.

Together, Bradley and Pete make the perfect team for teaching massage skills: Bradley focuses on mastery of technique and approach, and then Pete focuses on the communication of these methods. Collectively, this two-person team has more 20 years of professional massage experience and marketing, which combines with their skills and knowledge in writing, business and videography.

To contact Pete and Bradley, send us an email to: