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Excellent course. Professionally captured (sound and camera), understandable, clear and detailed. Although I have been a professional in this business, I have learned many new techniques and approaches. Warm recommendation. Thanks for your job.

- Nino Kaplanović, Ebodhi Student on Udemy

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We spent years doing massage courses around the world,
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Featuring the talented voice of Voice-Over actress Michelle Farahenheim.

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What You’ll Learn

9+ Hours of Professionally Narrated Tutorials.
4+ Hours of Demonstration Videos.
Choose to Watch with Beautiful Music or No Music.

Indian Head Massage

This is a London-spa style adaption of the traditional treatment, which grew out of Ayurveda. The massage focuses on the head, neck, shoulders and upper arms.
(45-minute tutorial)

Hawaiian Lomilomi Massage

Lomilomi is famous for  graceful whole-body strokes that seek to reflect the waves of the ocean  washing over the receiver. Relaxing, pleasurable and therapeutic. 
(64-minute tutorial)

Traditional Thai Yoga Massage

 Thai yoga massage combines rhythmic acupressure and limb rotations with  stretches which are similar to those found in hatha yoga. Mezmerizing and emotional.
(90-minute tutorial)

Deep Tissue Massage

Provide relief from the pain and fatigue of muscle tension. Simple techniques to go deep – ideally mixed with methods from the Sports Massage lesson and best suited for beginners to deep work. 
(25-minute tutorial)

Zen Shiatsu

Embrace the intense power of simple stillness with the  Zen approach to Shiatsu. The techniques involve  slow, leaning pressures and meditative sensitivity. Perfect for inducing a trance.
(45-minute tutorial)

Hot Stone Massage

Heat from hot stones allows massage techniques to go deeper, making massages more effective. We focus on the guiding principles of practice, instead of robotic routine.
(45-minute tutorial)

Massage on a Bed

This massage is a perfect stepping stone for beginners to master some basic techniques before moving on to a professional style Swedish or Hawaiian massage.
(20-minute tutorial)

Swedish Full-Body Massage

This massage is soft, relaxing and classical. It is an ideal lesson through which to master the basics of  massaging with oil. Enjoy a real-time demonstration on a Moroccan shore.
(55-minute tutorial) 

Rhythmic Thai Massage

A selection gentle, fluid and relaxing techniques.  The effects can be euphoric. Although challenging, this routine is most suitable for beginners –  new to this style of Thai. 
(42-minute tutorial)

Foot Massage (basic)

Reflexologists agree that foot massage can relax and benefit the whole body. A variety of techniques are explained and demonstrated, as well as how to use hot stones.
(44-minute tutorial)

Hand Massage (basic)

The hand is one of the most sensitive and repetitively strained areas of the body. Learn intriguing techniques designed to unlock the tension that accumulates during everyday life. 
(11-minute tutorial)

Pro-Style 'Simple Back Rub'

How to satisfy anyone, anywhere,  using deep tissue techniques and Thai stretches. Be popular at parties when conversation becomes boring, or spoil your lover before bedtime. 
(10-minute tutorial)

Chair Massage

Relieve the tension that occurs from daily desk work. Easy yet effective techniques utilizing a pro massage chair: perfect for corporate clients and performing massages at offices.
(17-minute tutorial)

Fusion Massage

The best way to win lifelong clients: creating one-of-a-kind treatments. Blend techniques from all the massages in creative and uniquely personalized ways.
(4+ hours of demonstrations)

Sports / Remedial Massage

Simple, powerful techniques aimed for generalized benefits rather than treatment of specific injuries – the safe application of rehabilitation theory requires in-person training.
(35-minute tutorial)

Making Top Skills
Convenient & Affordable

Up to 11 CTAA Certificates* are possible on our course, in these styles of massage: 

  • Swedish Full-Body
  • Hawaiian Lomilomi
  • Thai Yoga
  • Rhythmic Thai
  • Indian Head
  • Hot Stone
  • Chair 
  • Deep Tissue
  • Zen Shiatsu (Practical)
  • Hand & Foot (Basic)
  • International Fusion

No longer do you have to travel around the world, spending many months and many thousands of dollars to obtain a comprehensive set of industry-leading skills.

However, remember: professional success is about your well-being, your technique and your touch – not the pieces of paper on your wall.

Beginner to Pro In 30 Days...

Interactive Learning

Print out the course photo notes and annotate them as you move through the course, so you can memorize with ease. 

Course Companion eBook

Take your understanding of massage to deeper levels, and revise the instructions whenever you wish. 

'Essential Aromatherapy' eBook

How to transform any massage into an aromatherapy treatment, unlocking the power of 52 essential oils. 

'Freelance Massage Success' eBook

How to market your high-end skill set effectively and optimize your chances of success in a competitive market.

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  • Up to 11 CTAA Certificates Possible*
  • Learn 15 Styles of International Massages
  • Create Personalized Fusion Massages
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  • Start a New Career or Improve Your Existing One
  • 30-Day Moneyback Satisfaction Guarantee
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*CTAA certificates are insurable in some countries. However, some countries do not recognize any online certificates of any variety for professional massage, so you must check local laws and insurance requirements before any professional practice. In the UK & Europe, our recommended insurance provider for CTAA 
certificates is BGi. 

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